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Dear art enthusiasts, collectors and connoisseurs, Questions about a restoration? 

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Frederik Cnockaert Chief executive officer

Hoogweg 42 -  8940 Wervik

Questions for estimations by email or phone ? Mob.: + 32(0)  495 51 33 87  E-mail:  That is difficult but it depends. Generally it's impossible to provide estimates over the phone. It is however possible to begin the conversation via email provided that good quality photographs are included in the message. Often times the photos do not reveal the information necessary to understand the condition of the artwork but that's not to say that they can't be a great starting point. If in doubt it certainly can't hurt to send a message with photos via email

By appointment - any day of the week - all estimates are free. After meeting, discussing the process of conservation and addressing any questions, an examination of the painting will be executed including any necessary tests to determine the best course of action. Following this a conservation proposal will be assembled and delivered. Upon review and pending approval work will begin. If you are interested to learn more about our activities, please let us know. 

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