Art is not the reflection of reality, it is reality seen by the eye of an artist. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
Frederik Cnockaert artist restorer

Works of art often suffer from neglect, aging, improper restorations, accidents, etc. Valuable artworks are exposed to light, temperature and humidity fluctuations. Therefore, a regular examination by an expert is desired. In such research, we set the highest standards and use the latest techniques. This applies equally to our restoration methods.

Kerat disposes of numerous references in both public and private collections. We assure you that your artwork is handled and refurbished in a responsible manner. After an examination of your artwork we will prepare a treatment proposal with a price quotation. In consultation with you we determine a reasonable period for the restoration. During the restoration we also prepare a file with pictures showing the restoration process and all useful information about the artwork. This is very important for later identification after an accident, theft or fire damage. We also like to advise you on the conservation of your restored artworks.