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OPEN HOUSE in arts and art restoration studio Kerat. Discover a masterpiece with art expert Frederik Cnockaert

Frederik lives in the flemish village Wervik in the flat country of West Flanders. Jacques Brel’s “plat pays”. Every first Sunday of the month there Kerat art studio invites clients to their Open House from 10.30 am – 12 pm and 14.30 pm to 17.30 pm. Demonstration of the restoration of artworks, with a focus on paintings and sculptures. We show also some self made art works. You are kindly invited when you have a restoration work for me or a comission of a painting ! Download here film about Kerat Art & Antiques Expert  See here a sample movie bekijk hier deel1 uit tv-serie topservice  deel 2deel 3 , deel 4DOWNLOAD LEAFLET

Frederik Cnockaert is chosen to be present in the art and crafts book of high quality artisans.

"Manufactum" places our restoration Artist studio Kerat in the spotlight. The authors discribe the work of Frederik Cnockaert as Belgian high - end Craftmanship. Mastership. The book places artisans craftspeople in the spotlight the " Masters in handcraft ". Preservation and conservation of old and new paintings, canvas, paper or panel. Polychrome wood statues, stone sculpture carriers. Surprising stories of craftsmen behind the companie, having a passion for their trade. About what drove them to practice a certain craft, and  the skills needed, about the trade itself. But also about their materials or tools. download pdf here

WORK ON COMMISSION. The legend that conquers from wheelie to horsie, a painted creation.

Frederik Cnockaert made this unique painting in comission for KBK. Instead his usual trick of doing a wheelie on his bike, Sagan is depicted riding a horse that is rearing up while pointing his finger towards the sky in a manner simular to Bonaparte in J.L. David's "Napoleon Crossing the Alps". However instead of showing the Alpine scenery and the french army marching up the Col du Grand St-Bernard. Sagan is shown riding his horse in the cobbles of a Flemish village with fans cheering him on. See powerpoint here. Frederik paints this world, not without irony and with baroque means. When a painting is done on commission, both the subject and the format can be selected and executed with great care. The works are built up meticulously layer upon layer. The consultation between the artist and patron will result in a unique and personalized work of art. Contact us by email for all questions

Frederik Cnockaert chief restorer of art Studio Kerat restored with his studio all the paintings for the church of Parike Brakel

We are proud to say that all the art works in the Lambertus Church are restored by the art conservators studio Kerat from Wervik in Flanders. The painting of Assumption of Mary by Gaspar de Craeyer was the most important painting in this church.

Art Studio Kerat restored MEULEBEEKS MOURNING BOARD.

The mourning board of the noble family 'de Lens' is back in the Sint Amandus church in Meulebeke. The mourning board, also known as an Obiit, refers to Count Robert de Lens (1738-1818). Since 1792, this count stayed in the former castle of Meulebeke during every summer.

Fake or Fortune antique roadshow ' ritcher than you think ' took a visit to art studio of kerat for expertise of a painting.

Frederik Cnockaert as top art expert was asked for his expertise by dutch television VTM to examine live on tv , a painting for  download film here , Fake and Fortune antique roadshow. You can say that this show is the equivalent of Salvage Hunters the restorer on the BBC. See here audio part 1 and part two

Renovation of the art works in the church Assumption of the Holy Mary Zutendaal.

We restored  the sculptures, paintings on canvas, murals and decorative walpaintings in the church of Zutendaal. We provided a full service of treatments for paintings, including cleaning (surface cleaning, varnish and overpaint removal), consolidation of flaking paint, tear mending, lining, retouching and varnishing. Works on wooden supports (panels)and murals is also undertaken. Scientific analysis was carried out when required or commissioned as is preparation for loans and courier work. All paintings are returned with written and photographic records of their treatments. The conservation and restoration of frames, adapting frames for glazing and backboarding and reproduction framing are also undertaken.


The American Getty Institute is paying for a Dutch research of the famous "Lam Gods" by the Van Eyck brothers. As a result, F. Cnockaert was interviewed in ‘Terzake’ in VRT-Canvas . They talked about the neglect of the Flemish art heritage, the lack of resources for researching artworks and the undervalued role of the conservators and restaurators in our country. Here you van see Ter zake

We made a new painting for the Ravenhof Castle Museum of Torhout.

Frederik provided a new painting after a stolen old painting in the Ravenhof Castle. This work was commissioned by the city of Torhout. This Museum is whoused in the walled castle Ravenhof, inside of a spellbinding English country garden. It's ideal location makes it a symbol of Torhout’s history. Still decked with authentic furniture and wall hangings, the castle houses the town Guild Hall where the centuries-long kept prize earthenware of the Saint Sebastian Crossbow Guild (founded in 1384) is displayed. See here a trailer from focus tv during the working.  Frederik has a technique for ensuring a copy will never be passed off as a genuine painting. If you have inherited a painting which another family member would like then Frederik may be able to replicate the original.  He has successfully produced convincing ‘doubles’ for clients in the past. See here trailer on Tv1.castle ravenhof renovation

Commission a portrait ! You could treat yourself, or delight your friends and relatives in a most original way.

Commission a portrait. You could treat yourself, or delight your friends and relatives in a most original way. Using photographs, Frederik Cnockaert paints either single portraits, or group portraits, made from single or multiple photographs, in a format agreed with the client.


Each first sunday of the month, Kerat participates in an Arts & Crafts Heritage Sunday. Visit our studio on this  'art and craft' day and discover the world of art and restoration. A feeling for art is as much a feeling for history as it is a feeling for beauty.  We show paintings and statues that are in restoration proces. See here a sample movie bekijk hier deel1 uit tv-serie topservice  deel 2deel 3 , deel 4. HOW DO YOU DO ?


On September 8, 2016 we received the official certification ‘Acknowledged Craft’ by the Belgian government. A nice recognition that makes us very proud ! We work from consultation, thats the first step in the process is to view the artworks preferably in the studio with the clients present. If that's not possible photos can be emailed or uploaded. If circumstances demand, an on-site consultation can be scheduled. There is never a fee for an in-studio consultation, examination, or proposal.  Then there is the EXAMINATION ; Once received a full examination of the artworks will be performed. This will include assessing the condition of the artworks and testing of the materials that will guide the conservation process. Establishing a comprehensive understanding of each artwork is necessary as no two are the same and all techniques and materials are tailored to the artwork. Next there is the PROPOSAL; Once the examination is complete a conservation proposal will be assembled and sent to the client. The proposal will outline all the work that needs to be completed to address any issues that may be found during the examination. The proposal will contain a time line and price. At no point will the price ever change; what is quoted is firm and will never increase midway through the process regardless of any complications. WORK; Pending review and approval of the proposal work will begin. Some artworks may be completed in as little as one week while others may require several weeks due to the complex nature of the conservation issues at play. Specific time lines and completion dates can be accommodated if so required.