Since 1992, Frederik Cnockaert is the atelier manager and owner of Kerat. He received his first artistic education at the Academy of fine arts of Bruges, the medieval metropolis that still shows the rich legacy of past centuries. In Bruges, melting-pot of cultures, art and science be could unfold. He studied subsequently at the Academy of Gent, the Higher Institute of Sint-Lucas and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He specialized in the restoration of paintings and sculptures and did practical internships at the Royal Institute of Brussels, as well as art expertises at the KIK / IRPA. He then worked for 8 years full time as an official restorer conservator of the old masters for the Old St- John's Hospital Museum, Groeninge museum and church of Our Lady of Bruges.

Frederik is a highly talented restorer, whom I found very trustworthy, punctual and customer-friendly. From the moment we met, I had a feeling that my painting would be in good hands. While working on it, Frederik kept me very well informed and regularly sent me pictures and reports, showing me the current status of the project. The result was nothing less than outstanding, with Frederik having found the delicate balance between a meticulous execution of the necessary restorations and a trueness to the age and spirit of the work of art. It was a pleasure to work with him, and I would certainly hire him again! He does a great job. He has transformed one of my paintings from dark lifeless canvas to a brilliant detailed work of art. Need to call for an appointment, it’s been a while. Katharina Van Cauteren, Chief of Staff at The Phoebus Foundation
Frederik is a very professional conservator with great passion for his work. He has chosen to be restaurator although he could have been an excellent painter also, but this was not his call. He works very detailled and dedicated when he restores historical art, his passion. Frederik is one of the best contemporary restaurators at this very best moment and he works for a lot of museums and particular collectioneers. I have lots of admiration for his skills and knowledge of art history, that makes of him a great art restorer. He does a great job, is able to transform a painting from a dark canvas to a brilliant and more detailed work of art. It is amazing how this restorer paints like an artist brings life to paintings. Frederik is an excellent person to deal with, very efficiënt and helpful. Vincent Messelier, contemporary plastic artist
Visiting Suriname I noticed a wooden statue by a local artist in a local art shop in Paramaribo. Back home I found the art gallery's website and ordered the wooden statue and arranged transport overseas. Unluckily the statue got damaged during the flight. I contacted Frederik to restore the statue and after sending over some pictures he told me that the wooden structure could be restored even without visible traces or scares. He restored the statue perfectly and it is still the eye catcher in my living room. Thank you for that Frederik. Yannic Beckers Director CM Telecom Belgium